Gorgeous Winter Proposal in Orleans, Ontario

Lucas had designed the perfect proposal; both thoughtful and romantic with just the right amount of surprise!
Each day for 3 days prior, he sent or dropped by Kim’s work with 3 roses that had attached a card with a reason why he loves her.
Lucas asked me on day 3, I believe, if I was available to come photograph the proposal and I said “absolutely!” or maybe it was “i’ll make Tuesday work” either way, I got to witness a beautiful proposal.Sitting outside their house in the snowstorm, I basically stalked them from my car, nervously planning my angles – the amount of light I had at 7:30pm and how it would all unfold once I knocked on the door.
I tried to convince Lucas to give Kim a ton more flowers so we could pass the Sunday with Daylights Savings Time and I’d have an extra hour of light but he said no way. Kim was pretty anxious on day 4 as she had only been given 2 of that day’s 3 roses.

Here is his story as he told me
” Kim has said how she would really love to get a ring (hint hint), I always said yeah yeah it’s in the mail. Ethan (Kim’s son) now checks the mail everyday to see if it came. So I was going to wait until we get home from Ethan’s swimming and have my Mom come and put the ring in the mailbox and after dinner have Ethan go check the mail.”

So at 7:30 Ethan went outside to grab the flower and didn’t seem bothered that I was there at all, he kindly shut the door leaving me outside. When I reopened the door, Kim describes she saw the lens before she saw me and knew what was happening. Although having another person there documenting your proposal is probably slightly awkward I think it would be wonderful to have these images to look back on for a lifetime.

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Angry Birds were being thrown at me while I shot through the banister a few quiet moments for them as Kim reread her card.
Orleans engagement photographer, Melanie Shields Photography

I loved their email a few days later, after seeing their proofs.
“The pictures are amazing!! Thank you soooo much. I couldn’t be happier!”

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